3D printing

NEW: 3D Printing

Technical data and process

Precise inkjet technology

– Liquid plastic is cured to layer white by UV light

Pressure range

– DIN A4 surface, 200 mm high

Material, properties and tolerance

– Standard AR-M2 (0.015mm resolution, from 0.2mm wall thickness)
– Heat resistant AR-H1 (0.02mm, from 0.8mm)
– Elastic silicone low hardness AR-G1L (0.03mm, 0.5mm)
– Elastic silicone high hardness AR-G1H (0.03mm, 0.3mm)

Application examples

– Electrical industry
– Mechanical engineering
– Automotive industry
– Household and consumer goods industry and many more.

Services Zander EMS GmbH

– Quick samples, prototypes and spare parts
– Construction of individual parts and assemblies
– Combined assemblies of 3D printed parts and machined parts

EZ set
EZ set